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Preparing for June performance of “Let it Fall” in Philadelphia

"Let it Fall" rehearsal Photo by Jeremiah Ariaz "Let it Fall" rehearsalPhoto by Jeremiah Ariaz


We are two months away from the full length premier of “Let it Fall” at the Iron Factory in Philadelphia. All of us, Jane Gotch (choreographer), Leo Gayden (dancer), and Juliet Remmers (dancer and vocalist) have been working on this piece since September 2013.

We will be showing and discussing three stages of our work in process on Friday at Open Studios. The dancers will preform a 15 minute completed section of the piece which was shown at The Folly Theater in February. Following by a new section of material we have been workshopping through March and April. Finally they will perform a structured improvisation of the end of the piece, 6 minutes, which we will finish in the next two months.

Performing this section will allow the audience a unique view into the inner workings of our process. You will see the dancers reinventing and experimenting with phrases, ideas and spatial structures that have been in process over the last 8 months. The audience will see them revisit and reinvent movements and relationships already established within the piece. Our movement becomes a vocabulary that we continually manipulate in order to go deeper into the meaning and purpose of the piece.  The dancers have come to really know each other. This doesn’t just happen, but is a testament and result of the 150 hours of rehearsal we have clocked since September 2013.

A Kansas City performance of the finished work is scheduled for the Fall. For more information on Jane Gotch or to sign up for our mailing list, visit:

Photos by Jeremiah Ariaz

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