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Open Studios Fri April 25 & Sat April 26


JOIN US! 2014 Open Studios Weekend is FRIDAY April 25, 6-10p + SATURDAY April 26, 12-3!

Event Details Friday, April 25, 6pm-10pm Saturday, April 26, 12pm-3pm
Paragraph Gallery/23 E 12th Street
pARTnership Place/906 Grand, 13th Floor
Town Pavilion/1100 Walnut, 6th Floor



Dance Performances located at Town Pavilion
7:00pm: Performance Artist Beth Byrd
Physical Theater Artist Beth Byrd-Lonski will be performing 3 solos, a duet with Patrick Rippeto and an audience participation number. Selections of the accompanying music were engineered by local artist Greg Casperian.
7:30pm: Choreographer Erin Muenks Erin Muenks is premiering a work in progress piece inspired by the Funeral Symphony paintings done by Mikalojus Ciurlionis. The dancers will be performing a contemporary ballet piece to “The Funeral Symphony” composed by Nicholas Omiccioli.
8:00pm: Choreographer Chadi El-Khoury with Kacico Dance Kacico Dance will be presenting “The Triangle Factory Fire,” choreographed by co-artistic director Maggie O. Nicholls. Using imagery and text, “The Triangle Factory Fire” demonstrates the strength of women, even in the face of tragedy.
8:30pm: Choreographer Jane Gotch Choreographer Jane Gotch presents “Let it Fall,” performed by Leo Gayden and Juliet Remmers. Through abstracted bodylines, breakdance styling, and operatic song, “Let it Fall” imparts a corporeal tale of two people’s relationship with pain.

After Party located at Town Pavilion
9:30pm: Black House Collective presents the Black House New Music Workshop This performance will feature inaugural guest artist Mary Fukishima. Flautist Fukishima is a well-known figure in the genre of new music, dedicated to the expansion of flute repertoire.


12:00pm: ¶ Series Curator Talk with Jessica Borusky
located at Paragraph Gallery 23 E. 12th Street

1:00pm: ¶ Series Musical Performance with Russell Thorpe

located at Paragraph Gallery 23 E. 12th Street

2:00pm: Readings from Writers-in-Residence Melina Neet, David Wayne Reed, and Kent Szlauderbach
located at Paragraph Gallery 23 E. 12th Street

Mel Neet is reading excerpts from her novel-in-progress, 59, A LOVE STORY. The work focuses on a couple who buys a lottery ticket that sends them from struggling and happy to successful and emotionally adrift. Kent Szlauderbach will read an excerpt of a story in progress during his studio residency. Told mostly by unreliable, confused, deranged or oblique narrators, Kent’s fiction uses voice to build narratives of emergent madness as an affect of loss. David Wayne Reed will present new non-fiction works in concert with other writers-in-residence.

3:00pm Finale: Musical performance by Gamelan Genta Kasturi at Oppenstein Park Oppenstein Park is located at 12th and Walnut Gamelan Genta Kasturi welcomes guest artists from Denpasar, Bali I Made Kartawan and Ida Bagus Surya Peradantha in a special performance to close Open Studios Weekend. These guests have been in KC for the month of April to tune the gamelan set and work with the group. The concert will feature traditional and modern Balinese music plus a new music and dance creation composed/choreographed by the Balinese guests centered on promoting world peace.

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