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As part of my residency I have been conducting interviews with my fellow residents.  Mostly I have been asking them about how they view music and its use in their practice.  The aim of collecting all of their voices is to turn their voices into the material I use to make music with.  I am not necessarily interested in the content of their words so much (although this is important to me) as I am interested in all of the possible ways I can manipulate their human voices through technological means.  This track is made from sound taken from the intersection of 12th and Walnut, just outside of the Town Pavillion building, where many of us have studio space.   I spent about 20 minutes walking around and around the intersection recording Mr. Crosswalk in all of his various doppler phases.  It must have been perplexing to the various other pedestrians I encountered to see me cross the street, press the button, wait patiently, and then repeat the whole process at 90 degrees perpendicular.   What I present to you hear is but a snippet of that adventure.  I would recommend you listen to it with headphones on.  Thanks.  


About phonologotronic

This is the home page of the Phonologotronic. An avant-pop trio from Kansas City. We play all of your favorite songs, wrong.

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