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LYLAS: Christian Defonte, Kate Falcone, Natalie Ebaugh, Frankie Fleming, Lindsey Eskind – opens Fri Jan 31 at Project Space

LYLAS, an exhibition of contemporary artworks by Christian Defonte (New York, NY), Kate Falcone (Brooklyn, NY), Natalie Ebaugh (Portland, OR), Frankie Fleming (CA), and Lindsey Eskind (Kansas City, MO), opens Friday January 31, 6-9pm at Project Space, 21 East 12th Street, KCMO, as part of the Charlotte Street Studio Residency Program ¶ Series.

LYLAS came about as a means for five artists from around the country to stay in touch and sustain creative energy. Materials and concepts in the show reflect their collective consciousness; a palimpsest of identities and sexual perceptions, conveyed through both nostalgic and novel ephemera, mediums, and technologies. All of this is explored with a sense of humor and playfulness.

NatalieEbaughKateFalconelylas eskind


CHRISTIAN DEFONTE: Christian Defonte is from San Jose, California and currently lives in New York City. He graduated from the Photography department at Bard College. Christian normally takes a diaristic approach to photography that is drawn to the pretty, strange, and bright. Females often appear in Christian’s work, not necessarily as a celebration, but more as a non-exploitative fascination. For more about Christian DeFonte, visit

KATE FALCONE: Kate Falcone is a Studio Art graduate from Bard College and resides in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is often multidisciplinary, and it is influenced by the presence of and relationships between gender and sexuality in our culture. Kate’s pieces are informed by these thoughts, though her art making process is more intuitive. For more about Kate Falcone, visit

NATALIE EBAUGH: Natalie Ebaugh is a fiber artist from Portland, Oregon. She designs outerwear and accessories as well as textiles. For more about Natalie Ebaugh, visit

FRANKIE FLEMING: Frankie Fleming is from California, and she recently graduated from the Film and Electronic Arts department at Bard College. Her work ranges from 3D video and experimental film to more documentary oriented video installations. Her work has a strong emphasis on collecting and archiving.

LINDSEY ESKIND: Lindsey Eskind is from Nashville, TN and graduated from the Photography department at Bard College. She is a current Charlotte Street Studio Resident. Lindsey uses fabricated sets and people on the internet as her medium to investigate social interactions in our technologically-driven world drawn from her fascination with performance, science fiction, strangers and sexuality. For more about Lindsey Eskind,

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From left: Natalie Ebaugh Still Lives: Snacks, 2013; Kate Falcone, Have a Nice Day, 2013; Lindsey Eskind, Sex w/ Boss 1, 2013.

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