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Stephanie Syjuco’s FREE TEXTS: An Open Source Reading Room

We’ll Make Out Better Than Okay at La Esquina includes Stephanie Syjuco’s “FREE TEXTS: An Open Source Reading Room”, featuring a wall of flier take-aways of URLs for free online texts surrounding ideas of intellectual property.


Stephanie Syjuco’s piece is like a poem of references. With titles like, “Free Culture” and “Reclaiming The Commons”, this installation of community-bulletin-like fliers promotes open conversation and instead of offering phone numbers, lets us take away a digital code belonging to an archived piece of alluring information. The “information” available sets up a self-referencing framework for the nature of the interaction with the work.  This lovely and precise scenario, for me, calls to mind how we attempt to acquire information, and the contexts in which we find it desirable. The URLs on a small piece of paper is a strong part of the affect of this piece. However, I found these readings useful and challenging in a time when ideas of authorship are becoming more slippery. So for pragmatic purposes, I am posting the links to the free online readings found in Syjuco’s composition.

– Annie Woodfill


Syjuco’s URLs:

The Tragedy Of The Commons – Garrett Hardin

My Artworld Is Bigger Than You Artworld – Caitlin Jones

U.S. Intellectual Property Law & Policy – Hugh Hansen

Reclaiming The Commons – Naomi Klein

You Are Not A Gadget – Jaron Lanier

Free Culture – Lawrence Lessig

The Future Of Ideas – Lawrence Lessig

Remix – Lawrence Lessig

The Gift – Marcel Mauss forms &function of exchange in archaic societies

Dear Images – Eds. McClean and Schubert art, copyright and culture

Common Sense – Thomas Paine

Authors & Owners – Mark Rose the invention of copyright

Copyright In Historical Perspective – Lyman Ray Patterson

Media Piracy In Emerging Economies – Ed. Joe Karaganis

Against Intellectual Property – N. Stephen Kinsella

Steal This Book – Abbie Hoffman

The Gift – Lewis Hyde

Common As Air – Lewis Hyde

Property – Margaret Davies

Understanding Knowledge As A Commons – Eds. Charlotte Hoss and Elinor Ostrom

The Myth Of Property – John Christman toward and egalitarian theory of ownership

Scanners, Collectors & Aggregators – Janneke Adema on the ‘underground’ movement of (pirated) theory text sharing

Copyright’s Paradox – Neil Weinstock Netanel

The Anarchist Cookbook – William Powell

Private Power, Public Law – Susan K. Sell

Piracy – Adrian Johns the intellectual property wars from Gutenberg to Gates

The Guardian Of Every Other Right – James W. Ely a constitutional history of property rights

Artist as Producer In Times Of Crisis – Okwui Enwezor

Depression – Ann Cvetkovich a public feeling

Cruel Optimism – Lauren Berlant introduction and affect in the present

On (Surplus) Value In Art – Diederich Diederichsen

Multitude – Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri war and democracy in the age of empire

Empire – Michale Hardt and Antonio Negri

Property and Presuasion – Carol M. Rose essays on the history, theory, and rhetoric of ownership

Pirate Philosophy Version 1.0 – Gary Hal open access, open editing, free content, free libre/open media

WTO – Peter-Tobias Stoll and 2 Others trade related aspects of intellectual property rights

The Enemy Of All – Daniel Naller-Roasan piracy and the law of nations

Copy Fights – Eds. Adam Theirer and Wayne Crews the future of intellectual property in the information age

Against Competition – Marc Fischer

From Critique of Institutions to an Institution of Critique – Andrea Fraser

Given Time 1: Counterfeit Money – Jacques Derrida

Economic Structure of Intellectual Property Law – William M. Landes and Richard A. Posner

A Thousand Plateaus – Gilles Delueze & Felix Guattari capitalism and schizophrenia

Anti-Oedipus – Gilles Delueze & Felix Guattari capitalism and schizophrenia

The Practice of Everyday Life – Michel de Certeau

Free Exchange – Hans Haacke and Piere Bourdieu

Identity Economics – George A. Akerlof & Rachel E. Kranton how our identities shape our work, wages, & well being

Self-Organizing Counter-Economic Strategies – Ed. Will Bradley, Mike Hannula, Cristina Ricupero, Superflex

The Public Domain: Enclosing The Commons Of The Mind –
James Boyle

The Activist Cookbook – Andrew Boyd creative actions for a fair economy

Electronic Civil Disobedience – Critical Art Ensemble

Intellectual Property & Free Trade Agreements – Christopher Heath and Anselm Kamperman Sanders

The Technology of Uselessness – Critical Art Ensemble

Trans Law & Politics On A Neoliberal Landscape – Dean Spade

Observations On Collective Cultural Action – Critical Art Ensemble

Rethinking Copyright – Ronan Deazley

The Political Economy Of Intellectual Property Law – William M. Landes and Richard A. Posner

Resisting Intellectual Property – Debora J. Halbert

Art Work –Temporary Services, Julia Bryan-Wilson, and others a national conversation about art, labor, and economics

Envisioning Capital – Susan Buck-Morss

A Theory Of Property – Stephen R. Munzer

Artificial Hells – Claire Bishop participatory art and the politics of spectatorship

Labour, Rent, And ‘Primitive’ Accumulation In Facebook – Steffen Bohm, Chris Land and Armin Bevergunen

Radical Space For Art In A Time Of Forced Privitization And Market Dominance – Brett Bloom

New Essays In The Legal And Political Theory Of Property – Stephen r. Munzer

Against Intellectual Monopoly – Boldrin and Levine

Affect & Exchange – Melanie Gilligan

The Uprising: On Poetry & Finance – Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi

The Informal Economy In The Shadow Of The State – Miguel Angel Centeno and Alejandro Portes

What Is Political Art? – Susan Buck-Morss

Self-Organization/Counter-Economic Strategies – Superflex

The Rise Of Open Source Licensing – Mikko Valimaki a challenge to the use of intellectual property in the software industry

Copyrights & Copywrongs – Siva Vaidhyanathan the rise of intellectual property and how it threatens creativity

Art, Intellectual Property & The Knowledge Economy – Jaime Stapleton

Digitize This Book – Gary Hall the politics of new media, or why we need open access now

In Defense Of The Poor Image – Hito Steyerl

Gifts Of Resistance – Gregory Sholette

Zero As A Special Price – Kristina Shampan’er and Dan Ariely the true value of free products

Institutional Critique – Eds. Alexander alberro and Blake Stimson an anthology of artists’ writings

The Economy Of Ideas – John Perry Barlow a framework for patents and copyrights in the digital age (everything you know about intellectual property is wrong)

Capitalism 3.0: A Guide To Reclaiming The Commons – Peter Barnes

Trade Secrets – Doron S. Ben-Atar intellectual piracy and the origins of American industrial power

The Right To Private Property – Jeremy Waldron

Free Art – Brad Troemel

Future Shock – Alvin Toffler

Abstract Hacktivism – Otto Von Busch and Karl Palmas the making of a hacker culture

You Say Illegal, I Say Legitimate – Webb, Tihanyi, Ireland, and Sirmon entrepreneurship in the informal economy

Free Shop – Superflex

Intellectual Property Rights In A Networked World – Richard A. Spinello and Herman T. Tavani theory and practice

Dark Matter – Gregory Sholette

The Economics Of Property Rights – Svetozar Pejovich

Copy, Rip, Burn – David M. Berry the politics of copyleft and open source

Code – Ed. Rishab Aiyer Ghosh collaborative ownership and the digital economy

Copyrighting Culture – Ronal V. Bettig

T.A.Z. (The Temporary Autonomous Zone) – Hakim Bey ontological anarchy, poetic terrorism

The Affectivist Manifesto – Brian Holmes artistic critique in the twenty-first century

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