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Will Meier


Some people insist that all we think we know about our world is constructed. Others say that everything exists as an extension of a natural order that is comprehensible only in fragments. Manifest in the superstructure of his creative methodology and the variety of work that emerges from his studio practice, Will Meier’s varied output of ideas, images, and objects revolve around reconciling this sort of conundrum through recursive de- and re-construction.

Meier’s fascination with the way things are put together and taken apart arises from several influences.
These include:
• an early obsession with Legos
• deep appreciation of the way technology mediates our experience of the world
• fascination with both the idea and the aesthetic of Cubism
• belief in the profundity of architecture as an expression of the human spirit
• determination to understand the complex network of places, spaces, and non-spaces that make the world around him in some way aesthetically meaningful.

Meier’s work originates in such conceptual premises, allowing the outcomes of his process to manifest in a variety of formats. Space, time, and the representation of these formats act as malleable parameters for his experiments with the composition, compartmentalization, and fragmentation of form. For example: building spaces in which to make objects that are photographed and manipulated digitally as reference for crafting paintings consequently necessitates more re-building, ad infinitum. A self-referential recycling of subjects interconnects the appendages of his practice. The result is that imagistic oil paintings hold equivocal value to sculptures that house mechanisms for internally-projected digital imagery, as does writing that positions his awareness of his investigations in culture at large. Meier employs each of these strategies to present specific varieties of experience dependent upon their particular projected contexts. Ultimately, Meier ultimately strives to recall and reinvent moments of exploring the world, providing viewers with opportunities to reexamine their own.


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This entry was posted on August 21, 2013 by in Visual Artists, Will Meier, Writers.

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