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Matthew Roche

“My work for the past 6 years has been focused largely on my role as the Co-Founder/Co-Director of the artist group, Whoop Dee Doo. I have overseen the design and creation of large-scale installations, sets, props and costumes and have guided the tone of the project’s performances and events. I have also had the role of overseeing much of the collaborative process that drives the project, researching other collaborative groups and applying relevant theory and practices as I find them.  I attempt to create installations that transform their housing spaces through the unorthodox use of common and affordable materials and DIY lighting and sound components.
I have recently been quite inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s theories concerning theatrical presentation, in particular the “estrangement effect”. I feel a strong connection to this concept and am working to integrate it into my solo installation work as well as adapt it to performance pieces in non-theatrical settings.”

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This entry was posted on August 20, 2013 by in Matthew Roche, Visual Artists.

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