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Jessica Borusky


“The body is a location of mixed cultural messages, which perform and project lived experience via personal and socio-cultural histories.

Through satirical video-performance, I address the polemics of problematic messaging and performance, and in doing so, question the individual’s ability to reflect/deflect larger, potentially oppressive, physical lived historic and personal narratives.

I consider ways in which specific contemporary American language concerning physique informs and showcases how we think about the body as a process of perfection, rather than empowerment. By attempting to generate a “perfect” body, we are also attempting to generate a sense of a perfect nation, one in which there is plenty of room for failure.

In my work, I queer this notion through utilizing endurance, humor, linguistics, persona, and image as an ever-changing, failing, and evolving vulnerable constellation; that can evoke an alternative way of thinking about the body as a source of/for productive dissent and critical conversation around oppressive language and ideals concerning the normative body. ”

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This entry was posted on August 20, 2013 by in Jessica Borusky, Visual Artists.

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