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Lindsey Eskind

“I employ the Internet and the people who exist within this digital realm as a medium to mold, respond, and create a new understanding or connection where there was not one before. All of the participants in my work are directly responding to my presence either through video chatting or commissioned, crowd-sourced exercises. These scenarios are often a result of a shared cultural alienation and loneliness. I often use a multitude of online forums such as, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Craigslist, and as a resource to create my works from. We relate to and interact with strangers through mutual participation in common publics although we often have different agendas for being in the same place. My pieces exploit private moments in order to recontextualize them into a specific public space I create. Constraining my exploration of intimacy with strangers to the bare bones and boxes of the Internet and people’s bedrooms becomes symbolic of a larger world order.

The two installation spaces investigate private moments in public spheres. In the gallery space, the viewer is an active participant in the work, aware of his or her body as a presence in the pieces. In the fictional studio space, the viewer is a more passive observer left to explore a foreign world of virtual and physical collision that is still familiar. While this is an investigation of a collective consciousness, it is also extremely personal.”

Artist’s website

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This entry was posted on August 17, 2013 by in Lindsey Eskind, Visual Artists.

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