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Dean Roper

“I have always been intrigued with the taboo, the off- limits, and the disapproved. There is something genuine and humorous about creating objects with restrictions, negative connotations, and clichés. I am inspired by the high school kids who try to sneak bongs through the kiln under their teacher’s noses, and the pots that are automatically an ashtray upon leaving the kiln.

Collecting and hoarding visual information from the Internet is my obsession. The constant streaming of de-contextualized images of fashion, popular and consumer culture are distilled through me then converted into ceramic objects and mixed media installations.

I create my forms using two distinct methods. Through prototyping and mold making, I create precise utilitarian forms that have a visual relationship to banal, industrially produced wares. In contrast, I use direct handling techniques such as gesturally pinching clay to shape wonky forms such as bongs, phalluses, or ashtrays appearing to be made by a child.

After these different kinds of forms are shaped, they are unified by the information placed on their exteriors. My exposure and disposure to constant new digital information is referenced through loose chaotic ornamentation and vibrant saturated colorways in the glazes I use. Scrawled mark making such as a child’s scribbles on a living room wall, intentional drips and glaze defects suggest a naïve but purposeful use of the material. My installations re-contextualize my forms by placing them in an environment that conjures childhood experience, such as a playground or a bedroom. I incorporate ready-mades of all kinds- baby sneakers, digital tablets, sports equipment, incense, and detritus from a ceramic studio- to further emphasize the questions being asked. ”

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