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Rodolfo Marron

“…the west has always called and whispered to me. Fascinated by Native American culture and Mexican folklore; the southwest has brought me inspiration time and time again. My illustrations glimpse into something very personal, yet not fully deciphered. This allowing me to reflect on my own life experiences in an attempt to find my spirituality through my ongoing art practice. When you view this self-created realm you are greeted by old maidens, so caring and frail. Tiny owls with hearts as large as the cosmos and mischievous spirits frolicking. The spirits and owls are your best friends and death is only an illusion.

Reoccurring themes in my narrative deal with rebirth, love, loss, mourning, and ritual. Being inspired by my Mexican culture, I embrace the idea of spirits and death but never in a grim fashion. Showing that both life and death can be celebrated, for dying only means to be reborn again. I explore this idea with the duality of something light and dark; cheerful yet somber; empty yet enveloped.

My attention to tiny detailed line work compliments the small scale that I work on. This invites viewers to step forward and intimately feel the warmth of each individual piece. Most recently I have been draw to using more natural pigments to paint with, such as; coffee, tea, berries, cochineal, mint leaves, walnut ink, and even dirt. Using those materials, I paint on foxed scrapbook paper, old book covers, wood and on the back of wallpaper. The combination of choice materials gives the work an antique feel. As if it was some sort of lost personal mythology.”

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