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Madeline Gallucci

“I am interested in the culmination of imagery and sculpture collaged together in attempt to understand their relationship. I use Google image searches and iPhone photos as research to capture the mundane for reference. As I transform and elevate this information through detailed drawing, a whimsical vocabulary develops alluding to ordinary objects, architecture and landscape. Colorful textures paired with structured elements create a wild atmosphere for the viewer to sift through and discover. They become self-referential, in which many works cannot be decoded without its relationship to another. In constant flux, images and objects begin collecting an informational history: recycled and reused, hand-cut and scanned in. The digital and physical manipulations demonstrate the human desire for something tangible but also the seduction of the screen and new technology. Images are assembled to reference something familiar, but simultaneously forge a new orientation between the viewer’s experience and my own. ”

Artist’s website

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This entry was posted on August 14, 2013 by in Madeline Gallucci, Visual Artists.

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