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Justin Beachler

“The workings of the contemporary art world – be it the means of artistic influence, popular art-making tactics, or mass distribution of imagery/criticism via popular publications – are of interest within my work. Ideas surrounding the need to reflect upon popular artistic actions and current art world trends drive both the conceptual and methodical decisions that I make when creating art objects.

That said, currently I am exploring the aesthetics and philosophies of minimalism through the means of negating or obliterating information on appropriated/found images. By digesting artistic styles through painting/sculpture, or blatantly appropriating ideas and imagery digitally, my work both embraces and reacts against historical modern art trends while creating simple visual abstractions. Ultimately I am working towards the invocation of intriguing conceptual work while investigating the aesthetics of the imagery. ”

Artist’s website

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This entry was posted on August 14, 2013 by in Justin Beachler, Visual Artists.

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