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Erin Muenks

“My work displays single or multiple emotions drawn from photography and the stories of those that may not have the voice or strength to tell their story. Real people and their raw emotions are what I draw most of my inspiration from. I find it interesting to pull an emotion from a photograph to use as inspiration for my movement. I often question what the subject was feeling at the exact moment the picture was taken and I work to abstract that emotion into movement. Most of the time I will take time to do some research on the photo or subject in the photo, this allows me to better understand what the person might have been feeling at the time the photographer snapped the shot. The photograph was just one second of this person’s life; the dance ideally takes place in that one specific moment.

I enjoy people. I find that I often draw inspiration from stories of those who have something to say, something that could possibly change the way others think of themselves as well as others.

Everyone has a story, but not everyone has the courage to tell their story in front of an audience. I do that for them through movement.”

View video of recent work on Vimeo.

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This entry was posted on August 14, 2013 by in Erin Muenks, Performing Artists/Ensembles.

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