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Eric Dobbins

Founder of Wonder Fair: Art Gallery, Shoppe and Studio in Lawrence, KS and co-director of the Rocket Grant funded publishing effort Field Trip Pub., Eric Dobbins spends his studio days reflecting upon the individual’s calling and the requisite mindfulness, honesty and strength needed to live the life that feels right to him.

Aided by such 2-Dimensional cohorts as his Pilpy Boy and Fluffy Fluffy Flops, not to mention the re-occurring shenanigans of Diamond Man Orange, Eric seeks to better understand himself (and the rest of the gang!) through the development of a signature visual identity and original narrative rooted in nonsense and charm.

Eric’s current personal work utilizes screen printing techniques to produce “Uncut Editions” of smaller images. Similar to the preservation of uncut sheets of stamps or sporting cards, the prints are presented in their original full sheet form. Often times, the suggestion to preserve this piece uncut is contradicted by an interactive element integrated into the design of the print.

With career aims in mind, Eric also pursues freelance illustration work. His visual identity is “All Are Cool Here”, and it is here that he focuses primarily on his digital imagery and the development of a robust and imaginative portfolio. Creative exercises are put into play, to develop more marketable images or concepts. The ability to work anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world keeps this career-sighted aspect if Eric’s creative output invigorated right here in Kansas City.

Artist’s website

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