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Elizabeth Woodfill

“As a Kansas City artist surrounded by a landscape of urban collapse, regeneration and rehabilitation, I’m working to create a lexicon inspired by the static from an urban working routine in order to look at ideas of contingency and a broader experience of American daily life. In an ongoing studio process of collecting and organizing, I am arranging an economy of found objects and images that focuses on the aesthetics of utility, visceral stages of transition, tonality of reference and language of materials.

While being influence by Surrealism, Pop art, Minimalism and the importance of direct experience, I’m also informed by Constructivism, Fluxus, D.I.Y. culture, sustainability, the structure of social media, and the ongoing archive of satirical imagery in the mainstream, as well as trade-show pop displays, and package design. As a painter, I’m playfully reiterating properties of utilitarian insignia (the grid, boxes, screws and nails) and constructing improvised gestures (leaning, stacking), and sometimes I including the refuse of the process itself. Often, composing with unassuming materials that give a sense of backstage or background, and emphasizing site specificity, there’s a peripheral presence in my work that ignores a traditional or consumerist consciousness that excludes the marginal or irrelevant.

I’m interested in finding connectivity in the debris and detritus left over from our capitalist cycle. In a self-referencing process, I try to find ephemeral patterns, fractal metaphors, and feedback loops, that cut through or transcend incorrect juxtapositions, like those found in waste. I feel it’s interesting and important for my art to be less influenced by newness, harmony and cohesion, and more by ambiguity, dissonance, and the progressive cycle of tearing down ideas and re-cohering them through connection, re-use, and new structure.”

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This entry was posted on August 14, 2013 by in Elizabeth Woodfill, Visual Artists.

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