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David Wayne Reed

David Reed

Jolly Rancher Presentation

“I write because I love to listen. I perform so I know that I’m not alone.

Growing up on a farm in Louisburg, Kansas without formal creative outlets for my talents, I created my own venues for self-expression. We lived off the grid connected to the world by dirt road and antenna—the CB, the AM/FM and in small doses, the TV. Alone with the nearest neighbors several miles away, I found creative spark in the solitude of my imagination. When people would come to visit the farm, I finally had a captive audience. I performed impromptu drag numbers for visiting seed salesmen. I danced for the hay crew. These memories inform both my written and my stage work—from the regionalism of my creative non-fiction to the gritty faith of Mother Trucker.

I record my life and my responses to the seemingly incongruous subcultures and communities which have shaped me. My work, like myself, is rooted in their unlikely overlap. I seek to entertain and to enlighten while conveying my experiences. My work consists of humorous accounts of real and fictional situations that encapsulate the essence of our cumulative experience — of joy, humor, heartbreak, forgiveness, fear, love, life and adventure. I believe that in the personal we discover the universal. And conversely, we distill the universal into what becomes our personal. I strive to find the balance between the two. I believe that through the craft of storytelling, I can not only describe community, but expand it.

A friend used a story of mine, The Luck of Ryan, in a class he taught at a local junior college. He passed along the following kudos from a disengaged student.

…when I made my composition class read your story about your old friend mistaking sheep scat for caviar, everyone discussed the meaning of how he’d “placed a value on it” for ten minutes or so, and then a Gardner kid who never talks and never reads said, “If everything we read was like this, I might give a shit.”

Knowing that my story can open a dialogue that might not have otherwise occurred is the biggest thrill for me and the reason I continue.”


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