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Christopher Daharsh

“My motivation to create stems from a fascination with everyday experience and visuals most often associated with the banal, the mundane, and the overlooked. These moments have a way of expanding our perception of the ordinary or the commodified, which adds breadth to one’s field of comparison. I’m not attracted to things that are made to be beautiful and poignant, but things that are beautiful and poignant by circumstance.

My work aims to expand upon everyday experiences as a means to further explore our relations to objects and the situations they imply. By creating a series of gestures using commodified materials that present the mundane as other than just that, I wish to confuse the distinction between their functionality and meaning to ultimately elaborate on their peculiarities. My objects, installations, and images are groupings of signifiers that connect seemingly disparate forms to draw out associations that add complexity to a minimal arrangement. By destabilizing the given economic and cultural associations that come with these materials, they are allowed to create new meaning, and help us to find humor or sobriety in them.

I work both with objects and with images because this is what I am given. An image can explain and give so much that the actual subject cannot. In this same way, my objects function as images, as they are impressions or reflections of the everyday occurrence of looking, searching, and being surprised at what is found. What is presented will always be an allusion to something else, whether that be a concept, experience, perception, or otherwise.”

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This entry was posted on August 14, 2013 by in Christopher Daharsh, Visual Artists.

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