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Jennifer Williams

“I identify myself as writer and visual artist. My work is an ongoing exploration of the intersections between art, science, and philosophy. My studies in writing and philosophy in addition to studio art have given me new subject matter to dissect and attempt to express in my work. In particular, I have been examining the effect of technology on the human condition. Technology influences how we act and what we think and do. It allows for intimacy as well as it isolates. It can end life as well as elongate it. In a personal commitment to myself as an artist and a communicator, I want to for an intimate connection between my work and the viewer. Each piece builds upon one another, creating an intricate narrative to draw the viewer closer.

Recurrent themes in my work are the romance of technology, chaos theory, ennui, free association, stream-of-consciousness/unconsciousness, transcendence, and transgression. I draw influence and inspiration from the philosophical texts of 20th century continental philosophy, with a specific interest in areas of existentialism and phenomenology. These works alongside self-study in psychology lay the foundation for my work.

Technically, the minimalist palette and pointillism technique I use in a thoughtful and often meditative practice, building structures not of physical forms, but metaphysical ones. As a direct outcome of the abstraction in my work, it becomes easier to communicate the feeling and non-feeling states of living/existing in the modern/post-modern, technologically driven world in which we live.”

Artist’s website

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